Serenity Prayer Printable

The Serenity Prayer Printable

After several long days at work, my husband requested that I find him “the prayer that talks about accepting the thing you can’t change” so he could put it at his desk.

I knew immediately that he was talking about the Serenity Prayer.

Without too much thought, I set about making him one he could print out. I’ve heard/read that prayer a thousand and a half times (it’s always a coffee mug favorite) but I believe that the first time I actually reflected upon the words was as I was typing them out. It really got me thinking but there is one phrase in particular that really sticks out to me.

God grant me the Serenity

Serenity is such a perfect thing to be asking of God. When saying that prayer, we are not asking God to help us understand the things we cannot change (life doesn’t always give us explanations), but rather ability to accept them while remaining in peace. We may not ever understand why but to have that ability to take on the uncertainty of things out of our control with a tranquil state of mind put life in a whole new perspective for me.

Anywho, that’s where my musing ended – Levi awoke from his nap…now he could also use some serenity 😉

Below is the printable of the Serenity Prayer… You can click HERE or the picture below to download the PDF!

serenity prayer printable

This post first appeared on my old blog The Traveler’s Nest!

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